⬜️⛓️🐻‍❄️The Weekend Link Day#2🐻‍❄️⛓️⬜️

Good Afternoon’s Good Evenings my Kings👑 and Queens 👑 how have your day been so far? Mines rewarding we are almost to 120 members of NOW Group getting more members everyday I’m so excited. We growing everyday. Get inspired get informed and get educated from the Blog 1-2 Dive in and Explore.🤩🤓🥰

Prep Camp Nanowrimo is here🤓🤩 Do all that’s needed to make your Nano month a success. I have some videos to watch. The Writing Gals, Shalein Writes, Creative Penn etc…watch whoever that motivates you. Continue to read dope novels and books on writing.

Menu At Ninths: I had waffles and eggs this early morning and I haven’t been hungry all day. I’ll probably have left over pasta although Corn Beef Hash sounds delicious my aunt juiced a pineapple with ginger drink it was delicious I’ve been sipping on that this afternoon. My sugars probably sky high. At least it’s sugars from fruits not processed. It’ll go down some once I eat some protein.

Medic At Ninths: I’ve been leaving the Tylenols alone today so I’m up up. My foot hurts but I’m trying to keep arthritis cream on it and I fighting through the nods. Fighting through the aches and pains is a feat.

What Podcast do y’all listen too yall? I listen to The Creative Penn on YouTube she Doper Than a Scope. Imma view her Channel tonight she has some dope interviews. If you have some other writerly podcasters you like to share drop a link down in the comments.

Imma get to my prepping. Y’all stay motivated and inspired Family. Love y’all get into the Prompts Archives find something that can change your life. Love y’all Imma TTYL

⛓️Make Today Count, Don’t Count Us (NOW Group)Out🥰🤩🤓⛓️

🐻‍❄️Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🐻‍❄️

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