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Good morning my Kings & Queens I hope you got your rest overnight and not like me an insomniac. I have a handful of reasons Im up thats important to me. I was up posting on the site and reading basically working on craft. something I should have done yesterday but I was side tracked with YouTube Shorts. In which I enjoy.

Reading Craft: Right now Im up to Chapter 22 Its a pretty long book to get through. But its getting really good the deeper I go. Im not gonna give any Spoilers this time. I say any more you wont need to read it.I will say this. Anton Marks knows how to capture a moment and make it come to life.

Any Urban Fiction Novel makes me grateful the drama is on Pages and not in my life. But we all read to put a little spice in our Gumbo and gumbo good Spicy Hot ❤️‍🔥Nothing can duplicate a sexy spicy romance while your reading alone in your magical space

Welp Imma start my Day Ya’ll Its WIPPING ON A Wednesday Imma start in my Cookbook I have a few dishes I want to add. Like roast pork Ramen Bowls, Spinach Greens and Corn loaf, Shrimp Alfredo w/ Angel Hair pasta etc.Imma have fun today then Im getting serious in a WIP

⭐️❤️‍🔥Ennea Ennea❤️‍🔥⭐️

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