💜🦄Terrific Tuesday Tales🦄💜

Hey my beautiful and handsome Kings 👑& Queens 👑 how was y’all’s Monday? Mines was a blessing. I had a outpatient medical procedure to remove a bothersome Skin Tag it was such a Relief when they took it off. Went grocery shopping. Tired of takeout. I got pork to make my ownChinese dishes it’s gonna be out of sight may not cook today imma eat leftover pizza. I got some canned Spinach which is my weakness put some sautéed onion& Bacon pieces in it and some Corn bread got yourself a meal deal. Recipe in my Cookbook. It’s so easy and simple.

Monday I read Anton Marks In The Days Of Dread I’m on Chapter 20 . Time got away from me and I didn’t post 🐲Dragons Breath Pages🐲 I will try and post it tonight it’s giving me everything 🥰

Today I’ll work in my cookbook tonight I had to pull out my Sonar device to rid the mice from the house hopefully I got the devices to go in my garden that I never started I wish I did though but the weather been so dry over the years I probably wouldn’t have had a very big turn out for a crop Or anything .

I’ve Told y’all a tale of me and my mom and the God forsakened Owl 🦉 that I wish was around the house taking care of these pesky mice and creatures of the night. But I have another tale my Aunt use to live on the cusp of a creek but she also had a forest that dropped off from her backyard. This is a story from when I was in my Early 20’s one day one late night me and my cousin pulled up to my aunts house and I told my. Cousin Hey let’s go around back and secure the back of the house making sure no one back there. She followed me and we gets back there and it’s a Coyote or Wolf 🐺🐺🐺she screaming and runs and hops on somebody car parked in front of the house I’m knocking on the door like a crazed person on the porch no protection trying not to pee. Moral to the story don’t go looking for stuff thinking you big and bad A⭐️⭐️ because you just might Find the Devil Himself. Stay in Your Lane.👹🐺👹🐺👹🐺 Just might get eaten Alive. My grandmother answered the door and she was puzzled asking us why we was making so much noise so late at night. She got on our case something vicious. We was two goofy scared souls that night. While I’m on wildlife Omaha news today is Safari Kingdom a cheetah escapes his inclosure at the zoo. This the same zoo that I’ve experiencedPeacocks roaming like he clocked out on his 12o clock Lunch break sight seeing cheetah was running the zoo he came out then he went back into his inclosure when he got ready too like he got the key to the city. It’s too much. 😬😩😭

I’ve been side tracked all day I’ll post 🐲Dragon Breath Pages🐲 probably early morning or late night I’m stressed out been keeping lights on last thing me and my aunt needs is to be in the dark with the D⭐️⭐️⭐️Unwanted.

Bless y’all I hope you’ve enjoyed reading todays post I hope I tickled your funny bone. 🤣😂😃 I’ll be back later Love y’all TTYL 🥰🤩🤓

💚🦄Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🦄💚

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