🪺🦚What Happened~~> Sunday Shenanigans 🦚🪺

Blessings I want to jump right into it this may or may not be writing related but I seen the craziest video of a woman picking up a beautiful peacock that was sitting on all of her eggs minding her business this woman threw this beautiful bird to gather her eggs then the bird came back from after being thrown to get in herA⭐️⭐️ bird probably clawed and tried to peck her eyeballs out. I told y’all them D⭐️⭐️⭐️peacocks dangerous ASF. At the zoo they just walk around freely like their zoo staff on the clock. they need to be in a cage with everything else. It be that one Adventurous family member or friend F-ing with the poor thing next thing you know they calling a rescued squad to send your happy go lucky Butt to the Hospital Real Spill. Now they screaming they suing the zoo. Ridiculous.🙄😜😬

This weekend I did nuthin. I feel rested. And unproductive. No Updates for the week. I need to talk with customer service at WordPress basically handle business this week. Hopefully everything works for the greater good of the site/pages and members of NOW Group. We Will together figure this ish out.

We still trying to trap whatever’s in the house what ever it is it’s smart No Cap or it’s bigger than the traps we have at that point they can have the damn house literally. Because I’ll be ready to jump out my skin and run away anyways. I don’t do the wild life. That is a Negative Roger We Have a Problem😬

Welp imma let y’all get your winks in bed before the Archangels cuts the lights on. Bless y’all love y’all Imma TTYL Friends and Family 🥰🌺💚

💚🦚Ninth/Ennea Ennea🦚💚

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