🖤📖Open Book, Open Mic🎙️🖤

Top of the Morning Family& Friends 🥰🤩🤓 I need to talk this morning about a couple Things this morning number one is my aunt finally seen evidence of a critters mouse we hope a friend to my aunt(possibly my new Uncle) set us some traps hopefully a mouse is all it is. 😬🙏🏽

Number Two is I have withdrawn so much from my circle of people and missed out on so much my life could have been. Possibly even marriage maybe. But like the saying goes you can’t miss what you never had. Each relationship of the people I know gives me anxiety and the issue is how I’m mentally set up for the reasons why I withdrew from my small community of friends. But I tell y’all one thing I’m at peace with my choices. I rather rock out with my followers and members of NOW Group than to hang with Personal friends and Associates. Am I Wrong for being that way. I feel good about It. I deleted my Facebook around the time I started WordPress best decision of my life. I quit Facebook because some hacking thief took over my Facebook Ads and was paying to use my ads in my name he was foreign using foreign money don’t know where he was from so I don’t trust Facebook or anything connected to Facebook. And I feel if I wasn’t in your life while I had a Facebook account don’t come running up now you giving me anxiety feels. I don’t like that. Continue to live life without me. Namaste Amen Peace Out ☮️ That’s how I feel That’s on the reals This is the spill.

Today hasn’t been productive Craft Wise but I did Find my old Doctor in the nick of time for my refills. Doctors I’ve had over the pandemic transfer retire and that’s not cool I need Stability when it comes to my health.

Updates coming my site is filling up I my need to start a new website soon I sure hate that will see what options I have to prevent separation I just need more space. That’s good problems. Check out the site it’s full of goodies. Check out @NinthPoetess on Twitter we almost to 100 members over there. Do join the page and follow and like/ love me.

Welp imma get a couple winks in before the Archangels cuts on the lights love y’all. View the site loves tell me about your Writers Journey and your Writers Resolution would love to know what you have going on. Imma TTYL

☯️Don’t Count Me Out☯️

💚🌺Ennea Ennea🌺💚

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