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Good mornings my Magical lovies how was y’all’s day off mines was Grandiose although I didn’t do any Craft. I was sleep most the day after I massaged my ankle with my special cream. I think the cream can knock you out too through the flesh. But honestly I’ve been up all night I’m still razzeled from the vermin scare where’s it’s no visual of vermin still scared like it is. That’s another story.😜🙄

Overnight night fall I stayed up listening and watching for bats and what ever else that’s Nocturnal I was up reading Anton Marks novel In The Days Of Dread now some parts I ain’t gonna lie I skimmed over because I can’t stomach it. I might be missing the big picture but I’m skimming over the Racial Extremist Dialogue all I need to know is their bad guys. But I think imma have to read the whole thing after while . What makes the story so page turning is because it could happen anywhere in the world across nations and it’s set in the future. Is that saying something about us a people. Let’s keep this story Fictional and have very little truth in it. We need to educate love not hate and talk about slavery. White slaves and black slaves. White slavers and black slavers Talk about what a minority is and what we contribute to the world and society as a whole. Let’s talk about not all blacks or minorities aren’t gang members and thugs and murders. Because society tells officers of the law to kill all black men and minorities and talk down the Majority who gets enough time to kill himself after he does a mass shooting is it just me or is it truth in it? We need to tell our children Native American beliefs kill only what you plan on eating and that guns comes responsibility of life and death and they haven’t lived long enough heck some adults ain’t lived life long enough to own a weapon to be mature enough to know when to use it. Basically just call the police if you can. Left up to me no guns on the streetsHunters using AKs on deer that ain’t shooting back. Old fashioned bow and arrow is what true marksman are made of. That’s what they used in the olden days. Nobody needs a machine gun for nothing having protection and racial tension are opposite sides of the coin. Because the person with the guns strikes minorities religious children vulnerable people then they want to blame it on mental health these people have never been diagnosed with anything most have clean enough records to buy the gun they using outright. They have mental crisis buying the weapon planning it all out during the shootings and after the fact. And at this point they so withdrawn no one knows what they doing no ways. History needs supervision it needs to be taught by teachers that can teach it with their students not trying to repeat it. It don’t need to be taught alone in a dark web site by some extremist put these eras of history back in schools. But who am I? Little Ol Ennea trying to keep her Blog/ website going. This book would be the worlds worst nightmare if the actions was there fully I can’t imagine a whole nation state or city so unsafe because the color of the skin. That’s history no need in repeating it. The book has this issue and it’s on steroids. Remember it’s a novel not real life don’t take the world back75-100 years I say this because I find it scary and uncomfortable reading the racial extremist point of view it moved me and not dancing. But the story wouldn’t be the story without their conflict with the good guys. Asim and Yas Actually Asim sister is in danger right now that’s what’s happening now Yas in trouble too possibly.

I know after this book I want to read a straight romance. This one right here is hard core knuckles it’s good makes you think make you Thank God for the way the world is with all of it glory. We’ve come a long way sometimes not far enough but we all are capable of coping in some sort of way we hope.

Enough of my preaching and venting and maybe a little ranting I just want peace ☮️ for mankind colors of the rainbow unite. Stop killing us and live. Live live. Imma TTYL

🖤📖Ennea Ennea 📖🖤

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