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It’s time to Read for the week and this may stir me up to write later on in the day which is okay to do makeup Time from the weekend. Happy Merry Monday Happy Presidents Day everyone.🥰🤩🤓 how have your weekend been? Mines been real chill. Probably too chill. No work was done I’m upset about it. Mad at myself I really could have switched it up and read over the weekend but no everything was on voids.

Imma spend the morning reading maybe this afternoon will be my Golden Writers Hour I feel rested my day and nights are twisted. I think the cream I use for my ankle can send you beddie bye. I slathered a glob on my ankle and leg where the rod is that’s right I have a rod in my leg. And it cuts up in pain.

Menu At Ennea’s Yesterday: I had dressed up WhiteCastles sliders with fixings , corned beef hash Aldi Brand and it Smacks, corn Chex vanilla Almond milk, and Egg Roll and 2 sparkle waters. Smacks.😋 I really didn’t feel like cooking a three course meal over the weekend. Didn’t feel like washing dishes either but I did that anyways my aunt had dishes and I spoil her she don’t have to do nothing. Wish we had a dish washer maybe in my next life🤪

Menu At Ennea’s Today: possibly a egg roll some Bacon to snack on sparkling water coffee concoction vanilla Almond milk /corn Chex I’m not cooking today don’t feel like it. Really I don’t feel like washing dishes but no getting around that. I like to be sanitary as much as possible.Am I the only one that uses a splash of bleach in the dish water. It’s almost mandatory for Me the bleach makes washing dishes therapeutic I know me and my aunt not gonna catch a cold from half washed dishes. Bleach just give a boost to it.

Welp let me get to my book I’m reading by Anton Marks In The Day Of Dread. Imma TTYL my lovies. Love y’all. Follow and Join Us. Comment Down below say hey there I would love to conversate.

🧡📙Ennea Ennea 📙🧡

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