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Hello Top of the Morning my Magical Family. The book is pretty interesting its one point of view I’m trying to understand how it’s gonna fit. I know it will and it’s gonna be chaos it’s very suspenseful and full of adventure out in the bush. It’s a very good book . Good descriptions like I said a couple days ago reading the book is like watching on a screen and the screen is missing. It’s Doper than a scope. I read chapters 12-14 today Now this woman Yas in the book she a real O.G. You gotta get into this story it’s crazy boots. 😜🤪😝Amir is a Beast as Well he’s the Protagonist Yas is the love interest and at this point in the story the Antagonist is their societal government involvement in chaos between races/a race war and chaos in spirituality beliefs ( and more going on ) in different parts of the world. This is something that is happening in different forms from past to present may the Heavens bless our Future The World need a Hero Like Amir And Amir being a retired soldier I’m thinking he’s been fighting the fight all along. In this book these events are on Steroids But don’t listen to me I’m just guessing I’m only 15 chapters in and it’s good hard to put down. And it’s giving Sci Fi futuristic with the technology freaking awesome 🤩 Don’t like the villians they are the Racist Extremist point of view but that’s apart of the story. Now I gotta binge read and hope it’s a good ending they trying to kill off my girl. I’m in my feelings right now. I’m taking it personal. Reading this I’m screaming on the inside if it was a movie I would be screaming at the screen. Right now I’m like H⭐️⭐️⭐️ Naw!!! I tell Y’all what?,The Author Anton Marks Got Heart and He’s Hard Core and he has a Strong Stomach to crank out a Racial & Religious Warfare piece like this. This book is almost too much for me. I just want the good guys Amir & Yas to win no deaths to the good side Please.

Be sure to get : In The Days Of Dread by Anton Marks : on your Reader and or physical form

No more Spoilers Go get The Book Run and go get it.🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️💨💨💨

Always Have Fun

🐲Ennea Ennea 🐲

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