🖤📓The Writers Journey 📓🖤

Happy Thursday Evenings everyone. It’s a cold Snowy day we got about 6.5-7 inches maybe more, it’s a mess out there. We have a neighbor that came to dig us out from under God Bless him he was good friends with my mom I miss her so much. Her Love is living on through people. It’s so appreciated. 💗🙏🏽💗

Menu At Ninth’s: I had chicken Egg Roll from ALDIs not like the veggie Egg Roll from Dollar Store but it will do. And coffee concoction and water I also had a green juice. Milk from the earth. And I tried something new Garlic Summer Sausage and pepper jack cheese for a small snack it smacks😋😋😋 I can’t eat too much of it my stomach is sensitive. But it taste darn delicious that’s for sure. Also ALDIs Brand corn Chex and vanilla almond milk bomb🔥 Don’t Sleep on Aldi I know people who say they wouldn’t be caught dead up in Aldi. Imma tell y’all now you gonna go broke and be hungry messing around. Aldi is Top Tier with everybody else. Stay in the Mix🥰

Medic At Ninths: y’all know I took my 500s today🙄 this cold is not helping my ankle none whatsoever. I massaged my cream on it too. Hoping it will take the aches away.

Working On WIPS: imma get in Craft soon Enough I’m brainstorming Updates and I still don’t have a clue what to post. If I post 🙄 . Galentines and Valentines Days are over do y’all still feel Romantic 💘? I’m thinking about the theme of the prompts I want to update. We will see what I come up with soon enough.

Welp imma let y’all get comfortable in your evening my Rockstars and Superstars Dive into your handpicked WIP or Handpicked Novel to zone out and read Love You Stay in the Mix.💗🥰

🚀⭐️Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🚀⭐️

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