📓✍🏾WIPPING On A Wednesday 📓✍🏾

I’m a day behind. You have to excuse me. Everything has been a blur since I broke my ankle anyways. Don’t know the week nor day most times if Valentine’s Day wasn’t yesterday I wouldn’t of cared enough if it was February .

After I go to sleep the Sandman got his grips on me. After he releases me imma get up in the Golden Writers Hour I’ll be back and I’ll finish this Segment these 500’s pulling me down captain 👩‍✈️. Ship gonna be on autopilot in a minute.

Bless y’all’s evening check out Twitter I was over there awhile ago. Join and Follow my Rockstars & Superstars comment let us know what’s going on with you I want to know about that WIP Galore . Would love to hear from you Family & Friends. I be back in a few winks Imma TTYL 🥰🤩🤓

I’m back it’s Thursday though. I wrote at 3-4:30 am today. About 500 words I’m working on hitting 10000 words that’s my first goal I’m less than 800 words from the mark. This weekend gonna be doper than a scope for craft. Get ready for updates don’t know what I’m posting just yet I’ll surprise me and you. Bless y’all Love y’all TTYL 🌼💛💗💚

🌼Ninth/ Ennea Ennea 🌼

3 thoughts on “📓✍🏾WIPPING On A Wednesday 📓✍🏾

    1. Thats dope your teaching yourself how to draw. Drawing is a love of mines 3rd to my 2nd love pottery and my first love writing. My WIP is coming along very well. Im almost at a goal 50 pages. then my next goal will be reached another 50 pages. Ill let the number of words surprise me. Im not even looking at that. Doodling was something me and my mother shared.
      Off subject: What happened you fell off my time line and boom you was gone I had to come and look for you friend. And no Im not a stalker. Have you been checking me out over on Twitter? Tanmay we almost to 200 members between WordPress and Twitter thats something really dope and Im humbled Its been growing fast. I thank you for commenting and participating in the Resolution Writerthon. Have you seen Dragon’s Breath Pages. The book Im reading is called “In The Days Of Dread” Its really good and Im invested. you can find it on Kindle Reader for sure and also physical form the authors name is Anton Marks. This book is High Tier on my one ofd my favorites. Im saying this because its engaging and captivating Its giving me everything but a movie screen. Its Fire. Welp My dearest friend Imma end this post I need to Update the site so stay in the mix for that it will be up `and posted in a few. Imma TTYL NOW Group friend/family.
      Ninth/Ennea Ennea

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