💚🦕Take Away Tuesdays🦕💚

Today is a reading day and imma get back into a chaotic Fantasy of sexy Soldiers that’s just trying to protect and take care of themselves and family I love it. That’s what I’m taking away from it so far. Dragon Breath Pages coming later Today.🐲💛

Valentines Day was special I spent it with my Family I got my Aunt a case of bags for her blanket/crochet business she was ecstatic 🤩 I love making her happy and helping her out. My mother would do the same for her. Moms not here no more so I gotta step up and step in and do what I Can.

Menu At Ennea’s : I fixed Baked Jerked Chicken Cheesy Garlic Couscous and Seasoned Broccoli Florets My Aunt had some and it was no complaint. Not that salty all flavor.🥰🤩

Medic At Ninths:this morning I took some 500’s to take the edge off. And I took some NyQuil that cured my scratchy throat Tea would have Sufficed but I didn’t feel like getting up making some. I may be sleep again in the next hour I don’t know I’m also drinking iced coffee my concoction

Welp Rockstars and Superstars imma start my day I want your day today to be the greatest Crank out that dope ish🤩🥰🤓📗🔥

🧯Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🧯

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