💚📗Make Up Mondays📗💚

Good evening and afternoons My Rockstars and Superstars how have your morning been? I hope it’s been relaxing bless y’all.

Over the Weekend I ended up Writing one day I ain’t even gonna lie about it I wrote Sunday morning I was trying to write around 2-3 am then again during daylight hours but I never got up at 2or 3. More like 7-8am on a Sunday. Writing did get done though.

Today is for reading I may write a little to be leveled out some we will see. These chapters in this wonderful book been everything I love it. 🥰📖🥰 today I’m thinking about working in my cookbook today. Possibly writing a recipe for Salmon Croquettes Tex- Mex style. With Spanish Rice and Garlic Butter Green Beans. We will see.

Check out the site/pages get inspired let’s us know how your Writers Journey is going in the comments I would love to hear from you let me Start my day late start better than no start imma TTYL my loves.🥰

Don’t Count Me Out

🌼Ennea Ennea 🌼

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