💚📗WIPPING On A Weekend 📗💚

Good evening yesterday was a Grand Day. I read. One chapter of In The Days Of Dread so I’ll be reading Chapter Eight when I dive back in. It’s really good. I love the character relationships.

Today I’mma work on a WIP adding a Poem to a Chapter then imma work on my Cookbook to keep it Jazzy today it’s gonna be a Solid Saturday . Binging my favorite shows (* I’ll possibly turn the tv off and listen to some background music*)

My day has got away from me I still have time to write. My anxiety been bothering me today and the News don’t help. May we all be safe🙏🏽💛 my nerves bad and everything else Bless all of us🙏🏽💜Amen/ Namaste 🙏🏽 💚

I love y’all please enjoy this weekend work on Craft my dear loves zone out in a new world. Imma TTYL I’ll be back tomorrow or later tonight we’ll see.

🌼Ennea Ennea 🌼

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