💜📚The Writers Journey📚💜

Good Evening Rockstars & Superstars today been real chill. I hope you guys and gals enjoyed the updates. I didn’t change much with the Prompts I do apologize I’m trying to keep it Valentines and Relationship connected.

Tomorrow is WIPPING On A Weekend. I’m enjoying my new Routine it makes me feel Official. I’m doing baby steps one day at a time. Anything and Life can sidetrack me my ankle pain or Anxiety Depression can all stop me from staying on Craft. So what ever distance I make is Golden to me. And that’s okay.🥰🤓💜💚💛

PS I ll be backin a few love y’all 🥰

📚Ennea Ennea📚

4 thoughts on “💜📚The Writers Journey📚💜

  1. I feel greatly supported by your generous parade of “likes” this morning ~ thank you for your encouragement at a sensitive time! 🙏

    I’m having a little trouble navigating your pages, probably a jetpack snafu, but will be checking in as I can. Peace and joy to you!

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    1. Blessings Ana I think it’s something in the cosmos life just isn’t the same and I have been sitting here wondering if I can cope🙏🏽 I hope this time in life passes and it sends blessings ahead ~~>>
      And I will figure out the jet pack thing I haven’t updated yet I need to talk to customer service anyways I’m running out of space in a bit I may need to start a brand new site. How’s your Resolution WriterThon Journey going? Your Journey gives me inspiration . Resolution WriterThon is a Movement I came up with for each year we write. Anything writer related is a Go Go for Show for Resolution WriterThon Especially Reading and Marketing Selling Publishing everything that falls under Craft I want to know about. It my fuel .
      Welp I’m fix my jet pack /site today I may have a new site coming I don’t know. You reaching out to me put me in a new energy. I love that.I pray what ever your going through that’s sensitive comes out full of love full of blessings. That’s one thing about our community here we motivate and love on each other here. We both will get through this spell in due time. Big HUGS.
      💚🌺Ennea Ennea 🌺💚

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      1. Yes! Blessings coming fully back to you! Glad we’re connected!

        I also have device challenges ~ mine’s awaiting a badly needed charge at present ~ but let me offer a few words of the Hopi elders about this time we are living through:

        “When the waters start to rise, jump in. See who’s in there with you.”

        Take heart, sister, and stay in touch 🙏

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