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Good morning Rockstars & Superstars This morning is so calm so quiet So safe At Ennea’s no noise thank goodness my nerves be on edge ready to jump thank the Heavens it’s been Quiet. Imma take y’all along on my search for a brand new read I’m using Kindle Free books any device should have free books not Kindle Unlimited but free showcased books to reel you in to buy and read the Series it’s in or just introduce themselves as a author and let you see their craft to read other books they may have. Hold on I’ll be back in a few Today I’m looking for African American Literature possibly Romance and Suspense or Historical I love Romance novels such as Adrianne Byrds House of Kings Series I bust down the whole series in pocket paperback size I don’t even like reading that small of a book. But a book is a book is a book. And they were D⭐️⭐️⭐️Good Books I’m ready for some Romance Adventure I’ll be back in A sec. I’m about to do my search……Jeopardy Game Show Music🤩🥰🤓 I found a Winner🤓 “ In The Days Of Dread” by Anton Marks any of you want to follow me and dive into this Adventurous World you are welcomed the book is free. Be sure to Follow Anton Marks while your Surfing on the kindle page. Imma read the first Two chapters then come back with my insights of how I’m liking the book today. Don’t Count Me Out y’all Hold On I’ll be back in a Second 🤩🥰🤓📖 okay I’m 2 chapters in. The chapters are a perfect length I love long chapters. The author took his time with this piece. The story is so vivid from his world building and descriptions makes you feel like it’s a true story so far what’s going on in the story is 3 wars if I’m not mistaken a war with soldiers. One is a race related war with grievances and one that just a war on crime one with soldiers is in South Africa and the other Two wars in the UK London to be exact. I absolutely love books like this I’ll be half way done with this novel today it’s a fairly long book they say it’ll take a little over 6 hours to finish it. But with my bathroom breaks(blasted diabetes) it may be longer. But it feel amaze balls to be in Craft on task🙏🏽🥰🤓🤩

Welp I’ll be back later on check the Twitter Page for new updates about my reading experience of this novel Anton Marks is dope with it. His Pen is gifted. Book is Fire I haven’t been to sleep. Feel like I’ve been to the UK going through the Zones.🙄🤣🤩🥰🤓

I’ll be back later Today Love Y’all🥰💛

⭐️Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out ⭐️

🐲Ennea Ennea 🐲

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