💚📖WIPPING On A Wednesday 📖💚

Good Evening on this beautiful Hump Day. How was y’all journey into Craft today I would love for y’all to share in the comments down below. Boy my WIP is coming along real nice I’m having fun with the Dialogue I’ve only written today close to 400 words don’t judge me I stopped at a fun place I’m putting poems in all of my novels. That’s going to be my signature and what makes me known. I wrote from 6:30pm to 9:45pm in my Golden Writers Hour. I’m sorry this post is so late I’ve been getting side tracked since I finished at 9:45. Imma try and hurry up. My back was hurting so bad. I need to sit at a table and work on Craft possibly at least I’m able to maneuver walk sit up right in a chair my bum foot gave me so many handicaps I’m just happy outlook looks good for full recovery each day is brand new but I think it looks good for me yet.

Welp imma talk to y’all later actually I may come back and chop it up a bit in a few with Dragons Breath Pages. It’s gonna be fun and new Stay in the Mix Yall I’ll be back

⭐️Ninth/ Ennea Ennea ⭐️

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