🤎🦉Wild Kingdom At Ennea’s 🦉🤎

Good evening my Rockstars & Superstars. I thought y’all should know the Owl is back and it’s in the tree Whoo Whooing my aunt talking bout calling animal control it’s so big she said it not normal she thinks the zoo lost one of there birds. She said it’s so beautiful it don’t look real. It’s a brown one looks like it belongs on a farm. Owls eat anything rat squirrels cat dog birds you if you not careful. it’s rare I see squirrels these days maybe the owl been getting them. I told her to leave it alone it’s getting rid of vermin. We don’t have a problem and maybe He’s/She’s why. We disagreed I hope it flies away. Cages are unfair.( it ended up flying away there’s vegetation near us and I think that’s why I see stuff out the norm. Like Beaver Coyote/Wolf Deer Owls where else they gonna go. Their home next door. ) we had to put up Faux Owls to keep them away. It worked until they knocked them down. Their very Clever.

On a Lighter Note my aunt made me green cucumber/apple juice bangs so simple So pure I inhaled it through my skin nose mouth eyes it was so yummy. Do y’all love my exaggerations 🥰🤣

Today I’m trying to go without the pain pills Tylenol even though I’m on the cream today same medication different formulas I think. Does the same work.

My aunt thought she was leaving I had to tell her it’s too late in the day to be running errands. After a certain hour you gotta be home. Basically before it gets dark. It be a caravan of people that roll around Shooting people. so getting home before it’s dark is Safety. And being home supposed to be safe but that’s not always true. Hence the shooting Three years ago outside my home. It sounded like a big gun too. Any gun too big for me though that’s my Spill. I feel as if it’s a illness with me. I’m home I should be safe but im on edge like ok what’s next what else going to happen I’m still shook. And it’s been 3-4 years. 😬😬😬💚💚💚 I need a virtual hug.

Working On WIPS: I haven’t given up or forgotten I think imma have a preferred day for working on WIPS which is Wednesdays imma call it WIPPING On A Wednesday then maybe We’ll have WIPPING On The Weekends these are new Segments Coming Soon this week. Stay in the Mix.🥰⭐️🤓🤩

Don’t Count Me Out

🦉Ennea Ennea 🦉

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