💚✅The Weekend Link✅💚

Good afternoon I want to say I feel a little better. This morning I fought a migraine attack. Thought I was gonna die but I’m Still here Y’all it scared me if it didn’t go away by a certain time I was going to Emergency. I think I was dehydrated and caffeine and medication absorption all combined I could be wrong I’m sitting here self diagnosing and self medicating but one thing that I did fixed my issue.

Found a new site for y’all to check out here’s the Link:http://nownovel.com this site is pretty dope do explore got a lot of inspiration and motivating articles on there.

I’m trying to stay in the Mix while I’m dealing with health issues today has been hard. Dealing with multiple things

My doctor if she follows me on Twitter or this site would be having a conniption fit on me telling me to high tail it to a ER but my Pressure has went down a lot and I feel a little better. I just gotta be mindful about my salt and grease. Had my shrimp poppers the other day and all H⭐️⭐️⭐️ went loose. They were a little salty this time Darn it. Bout Took myself out of here.😬 Y’all be careful how you season your food. It may taste extra delicious for the moment but you might not wake up the next day or live thru out the end of the day messing around. I accidentally seasoned too heavy and accidentally almost sent me on my last meal. Trust it’s a eye opener and wake up call.

Welp enough with that I’m thankful I’m still here for y’all here for myself. This morning I fought like H⭐️⭐️⭐️ was on my A⭐️⭐️ to get my Pressure down I’m here We Up and Running Y’all Maybe we limping atleast we moving with and without a Walker don’t judge me please.

I love all of you don’t forget to checkout the new link I’m sharing nownovel.com it’s no relation to NOW Group. But they are just as Dope if not Doper. Imma TTYL Do Explore.

🌺💚Ennea Ennea 💚🌺

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