🌐🥶 TakeCare Thursday🥶🌐

Good evening my Rockstars & Superstars 🤩Staying warm is a feat. I’m not feeling the greatest Is Today going to be my norm? I’ve been optimistic thinking oh this pain this feeling will go away I’ve taken enough Tylenol to take down a whale or Dinosaur I’m still hurting. Bless It. What Gives, really? If I keep taking the Tylenol I won’t be here to explain to y’all my ailments I believe I’m in a groundhogs day the movie experience I wonder if that’s all what a change in day is , No change really. It’s a wonder.

I guess I’ll continue to live in this time warp trying to heal if I ever. it’s horrible like right now I’m ready to sleep my life away. Is it healthy. No is it helping my pain yes. I’ve been living this way so long scared to see what the future brings. Hopefully a better life. Grandma passing then moms passing then the shooting then breaking my ankle/Leg Seems like every year or every other year something unbearable happens might as well stay in brace position. That’s life isn’t it. The Norm. Or just my norm. Everyone else in the world free to live choose what ever. Free to be happy in bliss. My happiness is walking with no pain or standing in no pain I want a constant happiness like happiness to be alive and these days haven’t been the greatest days for living I’ve been on autopilot or doing the least I can do. Maybe both. I’ve been too alive feeling everything coasting hoping nothing else bad happens. Three broken bones means something to the Cosmos doesn’t it?

Welp I’m just rambling I want y’all to Take Care and Live Life like No one is watching and Go For It. Find different ways to do what you always wanted to do. Try all the different doors to the World Mansion.🚪🚪🚪🌎🌍🌏 Imma be back tomorrow with Updates Maybe if not Saturday we will see 🥰🤩🤓

🌐Ennea Ennea 🌐

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