🐪🐫🤎The Happenings On Hump Day 🤎🐫🐪

Good morning my loves. I’ve been piddling around the internet and found some dope events coming up so you gotta get ready check this link out:https://bookriot.com/book-festivals-2023/amp/ mark these events on your calendar to not forget. Make sure you scroll and check them all out. It’s dope 🤩🤓🥰

Medic At Ennea’s: ankle hurts what’s new these days the arthritis creams tend to act as a sleeping agent as well at least I think so. My back hurts as well stretching helps It pops cracks aches I’m just getting old🙄😬

Menu At Ninths: breakfast of champions Cornflakes. Lunch we will see what goes on I want some Arby’s I have Coupons their Gyros, BBQ Brisket sandwiches and Fish Sandwiches Smack.😋😋😋

Working On WIPS: I may do some reading I don’t knowWe will see what the future brings today🥰✅

I want y’all to crank out that dope ish love y’all in the Lovers Month. Romance Galore. Imma TTYL my Rockstars & Superstars 🤩⭐️🤓🥰

🤎Ennea Ennea 🤎

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