🌐♿️Rescheduled/Canceled The Day♿️🌐

Good afternoon/good evening had to cancel a appointment due to my mobility and it was super late in the day and super cold maybe I should take this extra time out and do something with it instead of sleep I woke up late today though. Embarrassed to say when just later than usual. Washed dishes cleaned kitchen so far don’t count me out I’m feeling under the weather allergies or something eyes itchy and draining nose running I’m just miserable and broke down broke ankle broke allergies Let me Heal.one reason why nothing been done pain levels and healing processes. Bare With Me. I may be back later if I’m feeling better took some allergy meds right now I’m uncomfortable so imma TTYL Love You 🥰

🌐Ennea Ennea 🌐

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