🐻🦉The Weekend Link Pt#1🦉🐻

Top of the morning Beautiful World 🌎🌍🌏 It’s wild kingdom At Ennea’s this morning. I don’t know if it was a owl or pigeon or what but I heard it around 4-5 am I thought about the day me and my mother walked up on that owl roosting up on our gutters. Seems like I floated back into the house I don’t remember much after I looked it in it’s eyes big as H⭐️⭐️⭐️ like the ones at the zoo. like it was on Steroids or something. Got the Moma Bear up because I think the Bear is my Mothers Spirit Animal. It’s Probably mines too. I sleep enough like hibernation Trust I don’t like That.

Today imma do my best and focus on Craft today. I would love to start on something. Today or over night Snow dusted the Earth cold insulated by snow missing polar bears🐻‍❄️ and grizzly 🐻 Alaskan Dreams my poem on the Author’s Page Litty. Instead we have Deer Winter Ducks, Winter Turkeys Winter Owls and anything else that forgot to fly South. It’s been so warm these days I’m sure their confused. I’m sure today they got the picture.

The Weekend Link is a new segment for the Weekend to keep the site Jazzy. Sitting here binging a Show which I need to turn off or atleast mute so I can focus on Craft. What the one thing that is in your way hindering you from being on top inside a WIP? Me it’s discomforts pain imma get over that though I got too. For real.

Welp let me do something with my day I got too because this month passed me up. Dive in your WIPS and Don’t come out of character Period…. Clear your schedule and Go in your Protagonist world and don’t come out. Binge on the Feeling Binge on the experience Eat it up and crank it out. I’ll TTYL Stay in the Mix Rockstars& Superstars Love Yall🖤💜💛🤍🐻‍❄️🐻🦉🥰🤓🤩

📓Ennea Ennea 📓

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