🌸🎀Turning It Out/Cranking It Out Tuesday’s🎀🌸

Top of the morning to my beautiful family/friends of NOW Group. Please join / follow Share some of your gems down in the comments. I want to say today is going to be the best day. Good day for my ankle. Good day for my aunt Good day for me and Craft 🙏🏽 good day for the World We all need it. Gun control needs a revamping the Nation/ the World need A Bill / A Law that works. These days are becoming more terrifying as the world turns on it’s Axis. We Need a miracle that happens overnight with these weapons. It’s frightening to say the least😬😡 Scared to wake up in the morning atleast when you sleep you know your in the Almighty hands and he will wake you up to start a brand new day. Wake up leave the house don’t know if you’ll make it back home alive in this world. Might be on the other side. And that’s not cool if you’ve died and haven’t lived life out fully my heart goes out to those experiencing this kind of pain I too have family taken way too soon and nothing done about it. It’s all so very hurtful to the heart& soul. A inconsolable pain. It just becomes apart of your make up and we deal with it because we forced to whether we want to or not. Something that weighs heavy on the spirit and your own life reminds you their gone no forgetting. Grief is a heavy weight only combos like time and patience will keep the pain at Bay. We Have Too Keep Going We have to advocate their Life by Living 🙏🏽 Imma stop here I feel like I’m going too far on the cliff Y’all know I really want to go in Uncut and Raw but I’ll stop here.🙏🏽🛑

Working On WIPS: I’ll work on a little bit of something today. To keep my Spirits up and not humdrum today.

Menu At Ninths : most likely Fastfood I’m tired of cooking and cleaning dishes. My ankle only allows me to do so much. Finally finished cleaning the stovetop I had to do it in sections. I need 2 Almond Milks Vanilla & Chocolate preferably. Snack I want a Big trash bag size of Peanut M&Ms is it healthy probably not does it taste good to me yes🥰

Medic At Ennea’s: I’ve had to take some cough syrup for a scratchy throat so far it worked and the irritation went away.I’ve taken my morning medicine with Tylenol that hasn’t kicked in yet I’m still awake. My sugars running high but yesterday I had Peaches twice and bananas . Imma take my sugars again in a second and see where it’s at now.🤔🧐

Welp imma start thy day and possibly get a couple winks in before the Archangels wakes all of us up.

I want y’all to kick some A⭐️⭐️ in y’all’s WIPS I’ll be around today on here Love Y’all 🖤💚💛

🖤💚💛Ennea Ennea 💛💚🖤

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