💛📒✍🏾🌸Welcome to Friday Freestyles🌸📒✍🏾💛

Top of the morning and Welcome to Friday Freestyles. Today you can work on anything Poetry,Short fiction, Fiction, Journaling , Posting or Tweeting. I want y’all to stay in the Mix today. It’s been a long Cold Wet Week. Stay warm stay dry. I do apologize no post yesterday I was in so much pain I haven’t been on top of my pain pills and I was washing dishes and cooking and up doing stuff. I’ve probably been doing too much.

Working On WIPS: I have been reading a Textbook on the Era my Protagonist world is set in for realism. It’s a Amazing read. I can’t tell y’all what or who I’m reading it would give my story away and I can’t do that. The Thievery is real. Historical Rocks and it’s in the Mix🥰🤩🚀⭐️ and Imma take it Over the Top.

Menu At Ennea’s: I finally cooked my Chicken Thighs my aunt even had some she made a sandwich with hers and had Peanut butter ramen noodles which is delicious it takes it over the top I cooked firecracker potatoes same pan and corn

Medic at Ninth’s : Ankle is Giving me H⭐️⭐️⭐️ if y’all didn’t know I had a freak accident second week in October it was a Saturday I fell down the Basement stairs and I could have died. But I just broke my blasted Ankle. I had Rods in my ankle I’ve had 3 cast and a Boot I broke my ankle going down the stairs and once in the hospital bed and the nurses heard it they can’t deny and they denied me a X-ray but by that time they had to do surgery to put plates and screws in. They basically seen the extra break and had to fix it. Nevertheless it Pissed me off no one listened to me. 

Weather At Ennea’s: we got a taste of the nasty heavy fluffy stuff ❄️ That’s Right Snooow!!!! I didn’t think it was coming so it’s all a surprise but it ain’t. Y’all be safe shoveling and going out in it. Don’t want to fall and break any bones like I have especially outside in the cold.

Welp I’m gonna let y’all get a couple winks in before the archangels cut on the lights around the globe I want y’all to have a beautiful weekend and share in the comments your Writer’s Journey for Resolution WriterThon I would love to hear from you. Imma Talk to y’all later🥰🤩🤓

🚀⭐️Ennea Ennea 🚀⭐️

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