💚📖👁️The Happenings On Hump Day 👁️📖💚

Good Evening my Rockstars & Superstars I just want to say my State and City Rocks. 🤩🥰The last time I was out and about they okayed Cbd and Gummies Stores I have yet to try some gummies. I’m sure it would help some of my anxiety. My aunt was Telling me stores was up and running I half way didn’t believe the state would allow dispensaries here. But they are here. I would love to see what they have for Anxiety Honestly. I’m glad they okayed it families been fighting a long time for CBD oil for their ailing children and loved ones in Pain. It’s a movie that shows the fight of parents trying to get marijuana Cbd oil okayed it’s a older movie I haven’t seen it in years very interesting movie. Tried looking the movie up I came up voided and overwhelmed. I forgot the name of it.

Sitting here researching for my WIP my mind is blown🤯 and hopefully I can blow y’all’s minds🤩🤯🤩🤯🤩🤯. I can’t wait to dive into my WIP. I was gonna give y’all a clue/idea as to what some of the next plot gonna be but like I’ve been saying the Thievery is real and I don’t got time or money to be fighting but I will go hard for mines don’t get it F⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Up. I have a lawyer and everything Ready from the last incident that happened. Real Spit.😑😒😑😒

I’m trying to stay positive my Rockstars and Superstars but the Opps always lurking. And they got me messed up with the wrong person as always. 🙄

Welp I hope y’all enjoyed your Hump Day it went so fast. I’m up up for awhile I’ll be around y’all may catch me on y’all’s pages hey I don’t know. Love y’all 💚TTYL

📗Ennea Ennea📗

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