💜🦄Fairly Hairy Fairies & Unicorns Universe Dreams🦄💜

I’ve been dreaming about how far my series gonna take me. I feel my daydreams is covered in pixie dust and I’m riding the back of a Purple and Pink Unicorn . What I need to do is make my dreams Reality and stop Dreaming and just do what Rihanna say do Work Work Work Work Work Work. I love that song it be Cutting Up. 💃🕺 I know you want to tell me Ennea you gotta get off the Tylenols you tripping out😩😵‍💫🙄😬🤣 I’ve been too Relaxed. It’s Time to Step my Fanny up. And meet my WIP at the Door and Killing Floor so I can start killing these Word Counts Each day. I think it’s Time to make the Writing Craft a Everyday thing or things not getting done. We will see how far I get.

How was your MLK Day? I hope relaxing and uplifting. Like I’m trying to uplift me this wonderful morning yesterday I was in a rut. I need to remodel my life to make things easier for me. Everything needs to be at arms reach and same level . Finished Series arms reach first million Sales arms reach Best Seller Arms reach Series Book Club worthy Arms Reach etc…

Menu At Ennea’s: today imma bake and roast some chicken thighs I got them at a reasonable price considering Eggs is sky high eggs 11 dollars a dozen in some places a mess is what it is. Imma throw some taters & onions on the same pan firecracker seasoned letting it sop up the juices of the chicken flavor Bomb . (I ended up having Fastfood instead my chicken was still frozen)

Medic At Ennea Ennea’s : I’m gonna try and lay off the Tylenols today so I can stay up because they be having me comatose and I want To Work today that’s the gig.

welp imma TTYL I wanna hear from y’all comment down below let me know how’s your WIP coming along I would love to know Bless y’all🙏🏽

💟 Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out 💟

⭐️🦄Ennea Ennea 🦄⭐️

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