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January 2023

Friday the 13th

Who’s on the Showcase Lounge

Stephen King



Happy Friday the 13th. I wanna ask what is your most favorite Stephen King film that still creeps you out till this day? Im old school and Imma show my age kind of. I shouldnt of been watching his movies back in the day because they weren’t age appropriate but I watched them with my Grandmother. Like Ive said once before me and my grandmother were movie critics. I would ask the questions and she had all the answers. But I loved to watch CreepShow during the daylight hours at night it was scary as Hell. But the CreepShows were my thing. Why is the most scariest movies with the ones with Children acting in them. That makes them all that more believable or something to mess with your psyche. Like Pet Cementary, The Omen- David Seltzer, Creep Show Etc…. There’s more I cant think of. Dive into Stephen King’s novels or watch some of Stephen Kings movies today in honor of the Horror Holiday Friday the 13th.

🌸Ennea Ennea🌸

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