🚀⭐️Ennea Ennea’s Journey 🚀⭐️

Today I’m working on keeping my pain levels down. I barely can focus on anything. I did finish the Updates today. everything is Friday the 13th themed which is doper than a scope.

I’m ready for my WIP Tomorrow if I feel better than today. I’ve been binge watching some shows I need to relax with. And lucky me it’s many seasons🤩 I live for it.🥰

Who else fight to not watch the Nightly News? I’m not watching news this weekend it’s so hum drum . I fight not to feel depressed each day. Don’t need anything bringing me down when all of you keeps my spirits up I love y’all .

I hope your enjoying the Newly Submitted Content today. Today was Theme based : Friday the 13th . People tend to talk less about the Horror genre. It takes a special type of person to function with Horror on the Brain. I say it like this as long as horror is on a Fictional page and not in your real life everything is gravy.

Welp imma TTYL my Rockstars and Superstars imma let y’all relax tonight in your WIPS

💚🧌Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out 🧌💚

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📗Ennea Ennea 📗

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