🖤💚📗Cool Moods Monday📗💚🖤

Top of the morning and Good Day to my Rockstars and Superstars This morning I started my Day over on Twitter go check me out over there as well. Early this morning during the Golden Writing Hour I worked on Craft 3 hours 500 words my word count and speed was a little faster than the last time I was in Craft. Bit by Bit imma get better and better. Some people get 8000-10,000 words a day. Their Superheroes. They are the Higher Ups.

I wish I could say more about my WIPS but What I’ve been saying is enough. Y’all gotta wait for the debut. Sorry. Copycats Everywhere so be careful with y’all’s babies.

Be inspired and write today. Watch a series to get inspiration. Work on character profiles. Read a book in the genre you want to write in. Outline your WIP. Journal your thoughts journal your WIPS like they are Family. And my WIPS is my own Extended family. How close are you to your WIPS? How detailed do you get in creating a character in your WIPS?

Welp imma take some pain pill my ankle is dealing me a fit I’ll take my pain pill at 10 am I have to get more cream I’m on my last few squeezes. Welp imma let y’all start y’all day. Stay Positive Stay Inspired Stay Motivated start this Beautiful week off Right TTYL🥰🤩🤓⭐️🚀🧞‍♀️🌸

Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out-

🚀⭐️Please Comment for Resolution WriterThon if you want to share your Journey would love to hear from y’all.🚀⭐️

🌸Ennea Ennea🌸

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