😭😬 the PAIN,the AGONY,the Horror 😬😭

Yes I’m up in the early morning hours pain so bad I’m barely holding on to reality and everything in it.imma pop these 500 s in a second I swear these 500 s have you so gone be in your dreams so tough have you crime fighting saving lives be waking up grabbing and swing I don’t like my nightmares I fight too tough woke up I was on a bus getting chased by some bad guys and a punk was threatening to steal my work my craft and I woke up before I could do something don’t take my freaking vision it’s mines l had a female steal a WIP. I worked on for a assignment I did for a Course that was online through the library portals online you know the sites you can use only if you type your library card number in. It free. Well she ripped me off. Pissed me off don’t want the ish happening again. That’s why I deleted lots of post last year cleansing my spirit of the negativity sometimes you just have to let it out I love y’all and I’m going to get on these pain pills Imma TTYL love y’all🥰🥰🤩🤩🤓🤓

🚀🙏🏽Ennea Ennea 🙏🏽🚀

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