🤓🙏🏽What’s Going on Ninth?🙏🏽🤓

Evenings my Superstars and Rockstars got a A⭐️⭐️outside revving his big ol engine they finally stopped they wait till it dark bedtime to start the shenanigans and noise had all day read my very first poem in my freebie why people wait till night fall to move around worries me. It’s more to the story don’t want to put my neighbors business on front street. It just scares me the shooting 3yearsago scared me and my life haven’t been the same Real Dealio I’m living a abnormal life not just because my ankle not just because my moms passed on or my grandmother passed but from Gunfire feet from my house among other things. All of these things affect my everyday life drastically HONESTLY. I’m old school street lights come on carry yourself inside your home and don’t come out till sunrises no where you need to be unless your working graveyard shift or nights I don’t play around. I hate when my aunt is out and it’s dark trust she’s racing to get home she don’t like it either. Years go by and the shorter and shorter the day light stay out even during summer days were cut short what is going on in the Cosmos? It’s pretty freaking scary😬👀🙏🏽 people need to be inside anyways it’s be a caravan or something out and about just shooting folks no rhyme or reason. My heart normally don’t pump hate like that to shoot anybody strangers just minding their business. But let me mind my D⭐️⭐️⭐️ Business 😭🙄😬😭

Welp let me relax my ankle and my pen (my mind) imma TTYL my loves🥰🖤Be safe and Go inside when the street lights come on y’all.

⭐️🚀Ninth/Ennea Ennea🚀⭐️

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