⭐️Resolution WriterThon 2023⭐️

Day 2 into 2023 how are y’all feeling? My WIP coming along slowly very Slow. I’m trying to get to 8000 words then I think my speed will flow a little faster. My ankle started hurting so I took Tylenol I’ve been sleep today so my content was grand today my 85 words and all. I’m not gonna tell y’all my word count everyday this would make me uncomfortable unmotivated and unproductive and non caring I want to be free as well. I’m only writing 2 days a week which days I don’t know. We will see. Bless you imma TTYL I’m not feeling the greatest ankle giving me the blues.

Tell me about your Monday writerly or not. Love to hear about it🥰🤩🤓

🧊🦶🏽Ennea Ennea 🦶🏽🧊

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