🛀🧼Washing 2022 Away For 2 Days🧼🛀

Good morning Good-afternoon my Rockstars And Superstars 🤩⭐️🥰🤓 what’s a great detox to detox all of the things through the Flesh. through the Mind,Through the Soul through the Stomach? We might have needed to start these detoxes a month ago. It’s been rough this year heck since before the Ukrainian War Started it’s been Super Duper Impossible for most. May God Bless All of them that couldn’t make it out and still taking care of the sick and elderly & poor. May God himself continue to bless y’all. Then my Blasted Accidental Fall down my basement Stairs. I could of freaking died. Instead God Blessed me with a Broken Ankle and twisted knee I untwisted myself before the ambulance showed up. When they say a woman is the strongest creature on the planet they mean business. When I tell you they tried to set ( pop into place) my ankle twice on two broken bones I screamed so my ancestors could come and kick some A⭐️⭐️ then they gave me a Covid Test my first one they keep going like they was digging for Gold or something (Fossils,Oil) Bless Me!!! First surgery they put Rods in I was part Cyborg Here I broke my Third bone and nobody listened to me. Pissed me off. Second surgery removed rods First cast is on still itches like it was infected I myself realized I must be allergic to iodine or what ever they cleaned my wound with I did everything but take the cast off finally I was able to get the first cast off ( it was funky smelly the putrids) and got a fresh one on and in between that time doctor wiped some not all of the irritant and she wouldn’t let me wipe it all off and she was scared I bust my wound open she was a hater.😳🙄😬 so I suffered again from itchies in a new D⭐️⭐️⭐️cast. Ridicu-lie ( my word: really ridiculous) in the Second cast 2-3 weeks in I started pulling fluff out of my cast and applying my own ointment on my boo boos and hiding what I was doing from the blasted nurses and Aides. They wasn’t helping unless they kept me pumped up With some pain pill. Finally they took the cast off I felt brand new and very weak on the left side weeks of rehab in a boot and one final test to see if I can get up stairs so I can go home and I Passed. Yes from Rehab I ran this site from two different hospital beds. All of you mean that much to me. Now imma train going up and down the stairs without the chair contraption. I’m telling y’all but I’m mentally trying to process that. This end of year has been Purgatory on Steroids and Oxy’s probably some more ish but truthfully I’m trying to be positive about everything I’m still alive not in a coma I can move my limbs therapy on my ankle going good I really can’t complain. My aunt said she lost people (they died) from some falls. I fell on my back I could of hurt my spine and be in a wheelchair indefinitely The Almighty blessed me to be Able Bodied and I can’t Complain about that but it’s been difficult it’s been different it’s been complexed but I’m still pushing along for the year 2023 ⭐️Amen🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

⭐️Ennea Ennea⭐️

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