⭐️🥂Let’s Celebrate Life🥂⭐️

Top of the morning, Good Day my Stars.🤩🥰. I’m so happy I’m getting around it just hurts like Hell. The Higher Up told me about some creams to get to help with pain. We will see how they work.

TheInside Scoop:Hackers attacking Twitter saying they going to sell your info on the dark Web I’m Already on the D⭐️⭐️⭐️ Dark Web somebody like me is poor You don’t want my info. But if you make money with your platforms you better get Life Lock I got it because that’s what my momma would tell me to do and I listen to my Momma.

Imma work on reading my WIP if I don’t pass out first I’m tired Tylenol kicking in. I had Therapy today and worked pretty hard. ankle swollen that’s the days of my life.

Bless y’all work on your WIPS if your not in Pain and in slumber like I’m about to be sleep Love y’all be safe🥰💚📗✍🏾🤓

💌Ninth / Ennea Ennea💌

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