💜☯️Merry Monday My RockStar& Superstars ☯️💜

Good morning 🥰🤩🤓 trying to stay warm is a battle in itself. It’s freezing y’all. Stay inside. I hope y’all enjoying the Writing Prompts the Workshops and The Showcase Lounge .

Medic At Ninths: This early morning I decided to try something new. I carried my Walker into another room today. This is Epic!!🤩 What else can I Do? Imma be Running around in a minute 🏃🏽‍♀️💨💨💨🥰🤩🤣

Menu At Ninths: I don’t know what imma eat? Something takeout possibly some chicken. I really want some Tacos/ Burritos from somewhere good but I could settle for some jumbo Roasted Sunflower seeds Honestly . We Didn’t have a Holiday feast didn’t cook at all. I know How Lame. I didn’t even eat dinner. I’m in need of a decent meal this week. If I could I would cook something tasty I want some shrimp poppers I possibly could cook but I’m scared to cook by myself yet😬 I might be over thinking it😳

Working On WIPS: If the pain pills don’t conk me out I’ll be working on thy WIP. Right now I have 27 pages of content it could be more. I need to work on it. Flat Out Foot to Bottom Honestly. I’ve been watching Reedsy Shaelin Writes Getting inspired She’s doper than a Scope.

Welp let me start my day Get your Outlines together and Keep it Hot Bless yalls day today and Happy Holidays 🥂📗✍🏾 I’ll be around

💚Ninth/Ennea Ennea 💚

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