🏃🏽‍♀️💨Ennea Ennea Working It Out🏃🏽‍♀️💨

My loves how has your day been? I hope y’all’s day been beautiful. Imma tell y’all now , my mobility issues have improved just over the last 24 hours. Still on the walker but imma come off real soon if I can control my pain levels. I’ve been strong enough to carry the walker not push it around but carry it. That probably dangerous under the circumstances maybe I’m not ready yet but I’m not normal. I’m a Rebel. Y’all talking to the lady who dug into her cast pulling fluff out and applying ointments to her boo boos. If it didn’t hurt so darn bad I probably would have took out my own rods they left me with for 2-3 weeks. Just call me Dr. Ennea Ennea. I feel I broke another bone while I had the Rods in place they wouldn’t believe or they didn’t listen to me I had a nurse that heard the bone crack. She acted like it wasn’t nothing I know what ever broke got replaced with plates and bolts and what we heard that broke is probably replaced thankfully. Only one negative thing about my situation the Tylenol only works for so long can only take every 6 hours. Wears off quick when I’m moving around a lot. But I gotta move. At least I’m still up and not in slumber I split my pain pills up so they don’t knock me out at once. The Sandman be dragging me down to my pillow.Honestly. Trying to enjoy my Monday up up if I Can. Maybe by Thursday I’ll be working on doing the stairs. I’m testing my strength doing other things but unsure if I’m strong enough for the Monster( The Stairs). 😭😬 We will See. I just don’t want to see this Hardware come through my flesh. I’m scared about that. So me running around is far from the truth and me carrying my walker is risky. Normally I carry it for 2-3 steps to get through walk ways. Not a full blown trip somewhere in my home. I’m clowning y’all I’m not ready😬😳 but my Therapist is gonna want to see me in action why I tell him I don’t know. He’s stoked. And I’m Scared. How’s this gonna work?🙄😬

Welp I hope your day been blessed today I’m going to let y’all get into y’all’s WIPS imma TTYL Love y’all so much🤗🥰🤩🤓📗✍🏾💚

📗Ninth/Ennea Ennea 📗

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