🔄A Sunday Reverse🔄

I have been going through so much the past couple weeks heck the past couple months been purgatory 😭. I never got to celebrate NOW Groups Anniversary that’s the Reverse How and what I did on that day was possibly me taking pain pills and falling into slumber all day. Imma tell y’all the truthTylenol 500’s freaking works better than any narcotics but be careful about taking them watch your organs. Don’t abuse usage. I broke my ankle I be needing something to take the edge off. I’m unable to get my dones and dols. And those pain pills barely work but that Tylenol 500 comes through like a flood on some pain and it will knock you out so take with care. Be aware.

I wish I could of celebrated the Anniversary like my first year. The first year I’ll never forget. We had a Ball. We had food a gigantic Cake Pinwheels we also had a mini book fair authors read from their creations and sold their works. It was Doper than a Scope. I enjoyed myself🤩🥰😭 I’m crying on the inside because I miss my meetups. But these days and ages a cold ain’t a cold no more don’t know if the world will ever go back to normal ways. Basically Normal ways whats that?

I hope whoever comes and view the website enjoys all that’s here to offer and spread the word that we exist. This Site is a FREE Resource to All. And all is welcomed if they love the Writing Craft or those who loves to follow my life I appreciate all of you.

Welp imma get into doing something with my day while I’m up up I want y’all to use Sunday to Prep make your Character Profiles Reedsy has a profile template to go by. Google Reedsy character profile template their template is pretty thorough. Welp imma TTYL my Dear Family & Friends.

🍏📗Ninth/Ennea Ennea 📗🍏

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