💚📗🎥Wrapping up the Week w/Ennea Ennea🎥📗💚

Working On WIPS:Good evening my Rockstars/Movie Stars I have some awesome info to start your weekend off with a KaBoom 🤯 . This is for all my Fiction/Screenplay writers. We all want to have our stories on the big screen what’s a free cost effective way to to do this? Entering contest. Where do we find such contests? http://moviebytes.com this site is too dope. You have to filter the list to get the newer list for the contest next year. They have contest that are monthly year round which is doper than a scope. What a huge Carrot or Apple to put in-front of your Caboose to keep you on Task.

Medic At Ninths: Welp I have 12 more Weeks of Therapy. Monday I can walk on my Ankle. Letting Truth tell it, I’ve been walking on it with my boot for a week I’m tired of my boot though. My straps on my boot is wearing out my therapist said I’ll be out of the boot real soon. I hope so.

Head on over to Twitter check out my tweet on http://moviebytes.com I think is a really dope site. Imma TTYL my loves.🥰🤩 Start a new Project start outlining and making you a collection of Characters profiles. Keep it dope. I’ll be in touch

💚🎥Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🎥💚

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