💚🍏 An Apple a Day keeps the Therapist Away🍏💚

Hello one and all.🥰🤓🤩today was Doctors Pointments . I got 5 more days non weight bearing then in six weeks I see the ortho doctor again I’m anxious I’ve been sneaking walking on it maybe not even properly I know that’s not good I got 12 weeks of Therapy or more to do. I’m already cringing my crippled soul. I’m not a very active person so all of this is brand new.

I haven’t worked on craft today. Today been eventful they didn’t prescribe my pain pills to me on the outside and I’m hurting these new fangled laws don’t care if you broke every bone in your body doctors don’t care about writing the script for the dones dols and nols .

Welp imma let y’all relax tonight Imma TTYL my Rockstars sorry about health care talk today that was my life today. Imma check out some cool videos

🤎🦵🏽Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🦵🏽🤎

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