💜👑Royalty on Tuesday Talk👑💜

Thats right when you wake up in the morning you gotta know you come from a lineage of Kings and Queens and they are on the other side doing all they can to fight for you and push you in the right direction of your life. You must believe this. Because going through life alone is scary. It’s scarier to be alone than to be aware of a Higher Power that is guiding you. As long as your Higher Power Positive I say embrace him/her. What motivates me is knowing my mom and grandma would be proud if I accomplish any of my goals most of all I would feel good being accomplished. Why is it we need someone or something a reason to get something done.(A Goal) ? I work my hardest knowing I got to Prove Something to Someone. Why is that? You don’t want to fail the people cheering for you that’s why? And then try not to be polar opposite this effect. Not care who in your cheering section you just don’t care you failed at whatever it is. You gotta get out this dangerous rut and keep trying again or do something else that makes you Happy. Never give up on happiness

This is for the Royalty in You TTYL💜👑🥰😍

💜👑Ninth/Ennea Ennea 👑💜

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