🌬️💨❄️ Getting Ready for the Snow Ya’ll🌬️💨❄️ My Monday Madness Series🌬️💨❄️

I never knew they had a Mother Nature Emoji until now Wowzers where have I been? This is Doper Than a Scope. Today got away from me no writing or prepping today. Focused on what I need to do to make my ankle feel better all day. They not giving me pain meds like I was before it still ails me. They need to give me all the nols and dols feel me. I need my own private nurse just to keep up with my pain levels and medication. It itches and burns so much like I’m allergic to the hardware to fix my ankle. It’s agitating and it hurts like a SOB excuse my Explicit French. No other way to put in words. My foot peeling dead skin from being dry for so long I’m greasing it down with everything but Lard Heck I may try that next🙄 possibly I’m using Everything Baby Lotion, Aquaphor Vani Cream vani ointment haven’t used Vaseline yet after that would be calamine lotion and Lard my ish is F’d off but what else is new these days.

I have insomnia I need to sleep I have physical therapy in the morning then after I should work on Craft I had all day today to work on Craft I piddled the day away. stuck and left on voids. No Alcohol though I need a stiff drink. Maybe not (medication don’t need to be mixed)

My WIP is screaming where u at bish ? What Next?I need to buckle down now or nothing will get started and that’s Bunk.

Welp imma lay me down and get some rest I have a day ahead of me hopefully knock out my therapy for my ankle and shower 🚿 🧼🧽 my bath aide is doper than a scope she plays all the ol school R&B jams Guy, Charlie Wilson, Isley Brothers to name a few. Enough to relax me and have some sorts of normalcy. My ankle situation has my life on void I’m trying to get home like literally. But really I need to prioritize my time better because today really was a perfect time to write. Ill keep working on it.

Welp imma TTYL my favorite ones I love y’all to the moon and back🌖🚀🚀🚀🥰🥰🥰

🚀Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🚀

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