♥️🤎🤍🦃Getting Ready For This Turkey Day?🦃🤍🤎♥️

The days been going faster than a jet plane isn’t it? The New Year is only a hop away. What do you have planned. I have The Resolution Write A Thon if you haven’t been able to start Nano this year. The Resolution Write A Thon is a yearlong thing and it’s doper than the meds I’m taking😳😂🤣🤣. These meds barely working my leg still sore and hurts itches and burns my heel of my foot is numb numb numb still. Put me on your heart please to get well and recover full speed full throttle. To take my mind off what been ailing me imma write my booty off.

I got five weeks non weight bearing I want to be home by New Years I might can pull it off. I’m hoping and hopping along.

Today I’ve been watching my favorite influencers relaxing that’s all I can do. I had therapy early tomorrow a holiday I’m rest all freaking day yall feel me. I hope y’all do and they (the Physical Therapist)do too.

I know y’all probably tired of hearing about my health that’s just what’s troubling me. My convo will change up soon here all will be well.believe that Captain (The Higher Ups) if they listening 👂😳😭

Welp I hope y’all are tearing up Nanowrimo y’all got 7 days to go make a statement move and crank them words out if you got to plot use a day to plot and go in on some fools on a page. I wish I would have or could have joined y’all but I want y’all to join me next year start outlining your WIPS all the ones you want to work on next year. This should be freaking fun. And Dope.

Imma TTYL instructions for The Resolution Write A Thon coming soon Love Yall Stay Strong Stay Warm Stay Inspired Stay Dope

Enjoy your Holiday Season I may be back tomorrow if not come check for me on the site/ page or Twitter updates not till this Weekend stay in the mix for that….

🤎♥️🤍🦃Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🦃🤍♥️🤎

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