🖤📰What’s New in the News📰🖤

Hey Now? 🥰

The January Resolution Write-A- Thon is gonna be EPIC. I want y’all to make a chart on a free spreadsheet template you can use and save your word counts and keep track of your different WIPS. Make it how you want it keep it simple. Have fun charting you WIPS You’ve Started or want To Start.

Have fun y’all use this time to prepare for the New Year.

Check on your Sarra Cannon 6 Months For Life you may have to change something’s like me I had a big fall and broke my ankle. Bless it my 👑kings and 👑queens I need blessings. 😭😭😭 my goals has changed dramatically and some has stayed the same y’all should make a 6 months 4 Life Goals outline and revaluate your next moves

Bless y’all Love y’all Write y’all Crank it out Y’all 🤩🥰👑📰🖤✍🏾

🖤Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🖤

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