❤️🤍💙 make a wish 11/11 is the dish❤️🤍💙 Happy Veterans Day Family 🇺🇸🥰🤩

Hello my favorite ones🥰🤩🇺🇸⭐️how have y’all day been? I hope your cranking out that dope ish. We’re dang near half way thru Nanowrimo week 2 ending this is a fairly long month five different weeks in the month what y’all gonna do with the rest of the month? I made an Epic Wish on 11/11 today? If you tell your wish it won’t come true so keep it close to heart.

Medic At Ennea Ennea’s : I have several more days left with this gastly bloody leg cask. It’s driving me mad. I’m over it honestly. Like I’m ready to be free. I just pray I can walk with my foot again. I’ve been feel nauseous they been telling me if your in pain you may feel nauseous and want to throw up 🤢 and I do feel green and brand new today. I’m really gonna feel brand new walking all over again I’m so nervous 😬.

Working on WIPS: it a blessing to be above the ground even though I’ve been feeling miserable and agitated with this contraption on my leg I’m having a hard time so tonight before I go to sleep I’ll get into my WIPS and read what I have. I’ve been sleep my dear ones. Today is a hard day and I’m just letting the meds take over that’s all I can do. Oh updates coming this weekend I’m trying to keep it fresh and new. Imma try and make it doper than a scope for y’all I hope you be enjoying the content while Im away from home in a comfortable place. When your in pain nothing is on your brain put stopping it from hurting so bad. So like and subscribe and give me a hug and some credit I’m keeping it rolling.

I just want to say what I’ve been through is a miracle . Bless the heavens because I’ve broken more than my ankle I’ve broke my spirit 😭😭😭😬 But I’m happy I’m still here yall. I’m out of the hospital in therapy. Half way home. I’m excited to get home. My auntie gonna have her friend daughter make me a strawberry cake and go get me some rib tips from one of my favorite rib joints 😋 💣 so good.

📰What’s New in the News 📰 Coming Soon

🖤🗞️Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🗞️🖤

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