⭐️🌈💜Checking For Ennea Ennea ⭐️🌈💜

Blessings my Favorite People🥰💜🌈💛

Medic At Ennea Ennea’s : I’m doing better but the heel of my foot is numb numb numb. Talked to a med aide and she said she fell and now she can’t feel her calf down to her foot. My heel of my foot is numb on fire and now I’m scared it will stay that way the rest of my life🙏🏽😭😭😭🙏🏽🥹🥹🥹🙏🏽😳😳😳🙏🏽 messed my nerves up which is F’ d up I’m scared an my feelings hurts🥹😭😳 besides that I’m hopping along everywhere driving me loopy. Oh no now that’s the meds I’m taking Tylenol 500’s two of them have you gone to the world. I had to ask her if it’s Codeine in them she said no that ish is POWERFUL. Feels like I popped a couple stitches I had to move around in the cast to itch but I have my own. Cure for the itchies. It’s not going by the rules( Heck I’m a Rebel) SSH 🤫 🤐 next week can’t come fast enough I getting this D⭐️⭐️⭐️ cast off Glory!!!! Glory to the Higher Ups!!!! Make me whole again in all 4 corners of Heaven and Earth Amen Amen Amen🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Working on WIPS : I’ve been reading my work over doing what I can my pain level is at at a 9-10 Always so the pain pills been kicking my A⭐️⭐️ up in here. Sleep sleep Sleep is all I do and getting comfortable is unrealistic 😳😭🙄so I wanted to tell y’all I have to do Nano next year but imma do my version of Nano next year January for New Years Resolutions hope y’all can join me Family. It’s gonna be a ball. Imma do a reward system so think about the trinkets and collectibles for activities you want and let them sit for JanoResolutions. My resolution is to build Routine in my Craft. January I should be home comfortable kind of hopefully.

I’m excited for January who’s with me y’all Don’t count me out. Put me back in the game and let me shoot my shot. Amen🙏🏽

They have been saying if you been having a hard time in your life to blame Mars Retrograde. I’m all the way into horoscopes on Astrology Imma a Virgo and Virgos get it rough. Why I don’t know . Maybe because we are sensitive beings? I’m very sensitive 😭😳🙏🏽 I’m totally blaming Mars Retrograde the Cosmos better treat me right from now on they got their pound of flesh I should have good luck from now on. Bless it Bless me Bless Us Amen 🙏🏽

Well I’m getting sleepy this medication don’t let me do much This weekend I may have some new content but don’t quote me It depends How I Feel.

Love Y’all TTYL crank out that dope ish. Day 10 of Nano put in that work family. I ll be around piddling.

🌈💜Ninth/ Ennea Ennea 🌈💜

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