🌈☀️The Happenings On Hump Day 🌈⭐️

Good evening 💗 🥹😭🥱 Im still in a cast doing therapy. Uncomfortable as I can be. I’m over it. It hurts like a SOB excuse my explicitness itching sharp aching pains sleeping 85 percent of the day pills making me feel worse then when I broke my foot I just sleep everything off. Other than that I’m good. I’m alive falling down stairs is dangerous territory my aunt said she lost some close friends that fell down stairs and died in her lifetime. So I’m blessed to still be here could of ended deadly. And I’m not out the woods yet. I got enough metal in my body to build a freight train🙄🚂😂🥹😭. I would of never knew I would be half cyborg in life. It’s just uncomfortable and traumatic to my mental. I’m a sensitive person they took a X-ray of my ankle I cried and I cried and I cried my auntie and the doctors couldn’t console me. 😭🥹🙏🏽 it didn’t hit me until I saw the break I had a fit. Now I just have to keep skin healthy and alive and no bumba clots on my bum leg foot ankle. I take the meds they giving they (The Higher Ups) know best. Kind of.🙄 they tried to set my foot on a broken ankle and didn’t give me pain meds 2 times. They lost they dome. 🙄😭😭🥹 enough with my foot business because pretty soon here my cast coming off.🌈🎉🎊🥳💛🎊🥳🎉🌈⭐️It will be time to celebrate Woot woot !!!!!😭🥹🥰🥳 imma cry when I leave therapy I’ve met some amazing persistent incredible people who are putting up with my shenanigans right now. They giving me hell instead of the other way around😂🤣. But really they cooler than a ice box 🧊. 🥰

Nanowrimo Updates On WIPS: Ive been reading over my own pieces and enjoying them I haven’t added any words yet but will cause I’m starting to feel a little better but my foot acted up today which was discouraging to me while doing therapy today maybe tomorrow will be better hopefully. Can’t do much of nothing when pain overwhelms you imma do what I can when I can. I’m on so much meds these days I’m surprised I’m not in slumber right now🙄🥱

Well let me get to reading some more love y’all have a blessed night be thankful and grateful for all your limbs working accordingly be thankful and grateful your healthy and physically and mentally able. Have a beautiful quiet night 🥰💛🌈☀️🥳🎊

🌈💛 Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🌈⭐️

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