🪐🔭Exploring Afternoons With Ennea Ennea🪐🔭

Good morning my Loves🥰🤓💛can you believe half of October is gone? Geesh Nanowrimo will be here in a couple winks. If you haven’t started prepping there’s time you gotta buckle down and start cranking it out. No excuses just work it out. And trust I’m telling myself this taking my own medicine. Cod Liver Oil. 😝😩🥺 so good for me so difficult To get down( the routine). I’ve been taking days for body repair after getting vaccines. And mental health days off. Maybe this weekend will be the difference. These allergy meds gonna knock me out I’m fighting it though but these vaccine shots got me itchy

I’m out of the loop on the what’s what this week I haven’t been researching I’ve been in slumber. If not sleep I’ve been on YouTube Shorts and y’all know that’s addictive. I need rehabilitation from it.😩😭🥺

We’ve been getting new members left and right on the site and Twitters. Welcome my friends my family my loves my hearts 🥰 🤗

Allergy meds trying to kick in Im feeling the Sandman I’m fighting him. He’s eventually gonna win today though I’ve been up since 3-4am and this post was started around that time . I’ve done some daily’s self care.

Are y’all vibing out making schedules and outlines of y’all’s written babies? what ever you get down now will make next month easy and you can get out more words per day in a short period of time. Imma actually work on 2-3 different WIPS and I’ve been lacking and slacking on my Craft imma just keep it Funky while I shoot the shingle. I shouldn’t go on YouTube unless I’m researching for the site and don’t get on the Shorts ever. And to think my family been trying to get me on TikTok ain’t no way I’m getting on TikTok. I hear BookTok is dope. My life would be consumed because that’s how I feel now it’s a mess already with the Shorts. For a longtime I didn’t watch the shorts. They are a mess they be having me hollering laughing 😂. I could possibly use the shorts as a golden carrot in front of me to work on craft. But truth be told I’m almost burnt out of the Shorts I’ve watched them too much, research purposes is all I can see myself on YouTube doing.And that’s okay.

Well dearest Family and Friends I about to start my day and possibly read over my manuscript I have for a WIP I’ve been trying all week to read this WIP. It shouldnt be so hard. The Sandman is a hater I love sleeping like the next person but me and the Sandman gonna be boxing 🥊 vaccine shots or not I say I’m done sleeping off my anguish. It’s time it’s time it’s time I say!!! (Yelling at myself) Imma TTYL Love y’all

🚀Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out🚀(Goes for me too)

🪐Ninth/Ennea Ennea🪐

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