🧑🏼‍⚕️💉The Daily w/Ennea Ennea 💉🧑🏼‍⚕️

Top of the morning my loves🥰💛🌸🤓🤩 I’m sore and I wanna cry but my tear ducts are dry and itchy from allergies. The day before yesterday I got a Covid, Flu, and Pneumonia shot. And I’m feeling it. Not like the Rabies shots though that was the Mother of all injections Try getting 20 shots in one sitting terrible is what it was and that was only one of four days I had to get shots. Sore ain’t even a good representation of how I felt my feelings was hurt traumatic is more like it. The experience left me questioning my safety in my residence because the blasted bat hasn’t shown itself officially to be removed which leaves me anxiety filled. Tons of hiding places no telling if one is in here or not.

Spiders Spiders Spiders have over ran my porch and yard scared to remove the webs they would find they way inside my home. And have anyone seen the mosquitoes this year 🦟 they about big as flying termites or beetles literally. A mess. This wind is something else too. Thanking God no snow Although it very well could snow this month. Nothing ever stops Mother Nature. It’s wild kingdom at Ennea Ennea’s this morning looking out my window today because I heard something like a Gobble. Walking to the door I said to myself it’s better not be a turkey out here and sure enough it was and it had four friends with him. I’m not surprised not one bit. After I seen the beaver eating crab apples or black walnuts I can’t tell the difference I’m unphased by most plus deer on a college campus as I walk around Coyote and or wolves as big as a small two or four door vehicles it’s a mess. What a tale you can come up with just from scary or awkward interactions with wild animals or insects . Remember The Creep Show with the Roaches that ish would have me up all night. I feel like this, What’s Writer Block? It’s too much to write about. Complain about being overwhelmed and overloaded with ideas and all of that is great for Craft🥰🤩🤓💛

Today I don’t feel well so imma do some reading over my WIP Tomorrow I’ll start on Outlines. Yesterday I slept. Freaking shots got me aching and itching. 😭😩🥺😭

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out bless all the Heartbeatings because y’all keep this thang pumping and jumping🫀. Bless y’all Imma TTYL Dive into that WIP that’s been sitting for months or years read it over see how you can vamp it up Stay busy today love y’all☮️✌️🥰🤓🤩💛

🫀Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🫀

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