🖤🚀Early Early Mornings With Ennea Ennea🚀🖤

Good morning Family🥰🤩🤓📢 Let’s rise with some of the dramatics. I need to get my schedule back. Tomorrow I plan on building outlines. But as you know I talk my fair share of ying/yang ☯️. The Sandman came and sat on my chest and made my allergies flare and I had to take Allergy meds. We all know that medicine can take down a elephant I was out for the count on 2 pills tomorrow imma take 1 for the day I just be miserable if I don’t take something I’ll be sleep anyways pill or not. Yesterday wasn’t the greatest. Me and my family already trying to plan holidays meals I say ribs and smoked meat(Turkey Tail, Hamhock)/greens and chunks of corn bread I loved my moms greens she sho nuff put her Toe in it. 🤣😂 imma miss having her this year she’s missed everyday but holidays is worse. House gonna smell like she’s cooking in the kitchen I know I can come close to some of her dishes. Recipes gonna be in my cookbook. This Cookbook I definitely gonna dedicate it to my grandma mom and aunt, they have influenced me. Today imma make vegetarian nacho dip. I may have to switch back to Almond milk for my coffee I have a sensitivity to cow milk it makes me feel funny. I have been using coffee creamer. My family starting the greenbay colors Blanket she’s trying to get her website up and running. She does team blankets she’s gonna do hat scarves sets. She does fingerless gloves Ol School meet New School style she dope and she’s prolific in what she does. It inspires me on my Craft journey so I hung with her yesterday.

I do not feel the greatest over the last few days I feel like ish. Weather been changing. One minute pushing 85 then it’s down in the 40 at night a mess🙄 that’s when I buss out the Heat pack.

If I can get the sandman to lay off me imma cut up on some fools. Make my nachos and Write my outlines last night I had insomnia and then I had to compensate that yesterday I was up doing activities from Sarra cannons Preptober packet Litty I was on fire 🔥 early morning.

Well imma get a few winks in before to Arch Angels wake me up. A few winks is exactly all imma get. Time going fast as I Don’t Know What ! I’ll Be Back Later oh today I may start reading a book On Writing that teaches you how to write Short Stories called Creating Short Fiction by Damon Knight. He’s next in the ShowCase LoungeThat’s my reward after I start my Outlines. Today gonna be extraordinary. My Aunt was in the military and she says she had to do more than the average person does all day before 6 am. I haven’t had proper rest but I do plan on doing the most I can do before 4-5 ish.

Bless yall imma talk to y’all in a few winks. Happy Hump Day Everyone. Five Days in no . excuses if you haven’t looked on your WIP that’s a big no go. Start today. 🥰🤩🤓

🖤📢Make today count, Don’t Count It Out📢🖤

🚀Ninth/ Ennea Ennea 🚀

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