💛🌸Ennea Ennea’s Journey 🌸💛

Authors continue to fight for positions in one way or another imma just stay in my lane and just pray I get to the finish line on all my WIPS Pinching off my ideas will piss me off though because my creative mind is not to be messed with it’s not for free it’s not for the taking. As you can see I took my Fiction Excerpts from my WIPS down on my Author Page. I feel vulnerable I feel violated and I’m afraid for my WIPS. And that’s to be honest about how I feel. Bless y’all if you want to read my works read my Freebie that’s how imma do it from now on. Have y’all wait for published works, however long that takes. I’m thinking about taking all the poems down too. I’m trying to keep some content up to fill the page. Regular Updates each week should be plenty to Share and my Daily post in which I said I would take a break from this week that’s plenty of content.

I want y’all to create a WIP no one can reproduce. Keep it a secret from everyone name and all. Keep it close to you. Imma do this with all my WIPS Now. A WIP is a WIP not the name of a WIP anymore just working on a WIP. Might be boring talking about a WIP in the coming days. That’s how it gotta be. To be safe. I suggest everyone else do the same to protect your work. It’s exciting sharing but the thieves are lurking about. Protect your work Protect your thoughts. You will thank the Heavens you did🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Well imma end this here post I love y’all to pieces and I want y’all protected as well as myself. Imma TTYL possibly closer to Saturday though.

☯️💜Ninth/Ennea Ennea💜☯️

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